Table I.

Comparison between CT/MOG35–55- and CFA/MOG35–55-induced EAE

GroupTreatmentNumber Affected Following TxaAffectedRange in Time of OnsetTotal Relapses
MOG (mg)CFACT (mg)PT (ng)nTx 1Tx 2Tx 3Tx 4Tx 5(%)(days)(%)
CFA50+200×23329NANANANA29 (88)12–14
CT50100200×265NA5 (83)68–731
Group A
CT50200200×243NA3 (75)76–871
Group B
CT100100200×2514NA5 (100)52–81
Group C
CT100200200×2193325114 (74)18–976
Group D
CT50–100100–200200×23433312627 (79)18–978 (40b)
  • a NA = not applicable. Tx = treatment number with treatments on days 0, 21, 42, 63, and 84. Only mice treated with CT in group D received the fifth round of treatment.

  • b Percentage of CT recipients observed for at least 100 days that developed relapses following complete recovery from initial clinical deficits (n = 8 of 20).