Table I.

Subclass and specificity of anti-ricin Absa

IsotypeA ChainHolotoxinB ChainBSAWestern Blot Reactivity
Fusion 1: immunize with A chain, select for A chain binding
 RAC mAb 1IgG2b0.331.000.110.02+
 RAC mAb 3IgG12.
 RAC mAb 4IgG10.360.240.030.01+
 RAC mAb 5IgG10.220.950.020.01+
 RAC mAb 6IgG2a0.
 RAC mAb 8IgG12.532.430.090.02+
 RAC mAb 9IgG2b2.302.400.580.08+
 RAC mAb 10IgG10.831.510.020.03+
 RAC mAb 11IgG10.790.540.030.03+
 RAC mAb 12IgG2b1.100.990.450.04+/−
 RAC mAb 14IgG10.421.040.020.02+
 RAC mAb 16IgG12.302.270.060.03+
 RAC mAb 17IgG12.382.330.130.05+
 RAC mAb 18IgG2a2.292.560.060.03+
 RAC mAb 19IgG10.611.410.030.02+/−
 RAC mAb 20IgG2b0.591.350.050.01+
 RAC mAb 21IgG10.180.430.040.03
 RAC mAb 22IgG12.542.450.110.05+
 RAC mAb 23IgG12.192.380.040.03+
Fusion 2: immunize with A chain, then holotoxin, select for survival in ricin
 RAC mAb 24IgG2a0.741.510.030.01+/−
 Holo mAb 1IgG10.180.570.020.01
 HAB mAb 1IgG10.851.130.930.01
Fusion 3: immunize with B chain, select for B chain binding
 RBC mAb 1IgG10.140.991.170.06
 RBC mAb 2IgG10.010.440.350.03
 RBC mAb 3IgG10.
 RBC mAb 4IgG2a0.481.952.140.03+
 RBC mAb 5IgG10.191.501.640.03+
 RBC mAb 6IgG10.020.480.930.04
 RBC mAb 7IgG2b0.100.991.370.05+
 RBC mAb 8IgG2b0.011.731.820.02
 RBC mAb 9IgG2a0.
 RBC mAb 10IgG2b0.581.962.020.03+
 RBC mAb 11IgG2b0.502.092.030.04+
 RBC mAb 12IgG2a0.000.220.370.08
 RBC mAb 13IgG10.
 RBC mAb 14IgG2b0.491.962.150.03+
 RBC mAb 15IgG2a0.181.761.600.08+
 RBC mAb 16IgG2a0.020.881.350.05+
 RBC mAb 17IgG10.401.901.790.01+
 RBC mAb 18IgG10.171.211.350.01
Irrel mAb0.
  • a The specifity of each Ab was tested in two to nine different experiments, subclass in one to three. Data shown are representative of those experiments.