Table II.

TCR-BV gene transcripts of dominant clones in patient treatment TIL and PBLs

TCR-BV SequencebT Cell ClonesAg SpecificityPercentage (%) of Sequences in TIL and PBLa
TILPBLc (day 5)PBL (day 9)PBL (day 55)PBL (day 154)
  • a A total of between 79 and 135 TCR-BV gene transcripts were analyzed for each of these TIL or PBLs, and the percentage of each of the indicated sequences obtained from TIL or PBL is indicated.

  • b The four sequences that were detected at a level of 5% or greater in the TIL 1913 sample that was used for treatment are indicated separately on each row of the table. For two of the sequences that were derived from the 6S2 and 1S1 germline BV sequences, tumor-reactive clones were identified. Clones corresponding to the additional two sequences presented in the table were not isolated from TIL 1913, as indicated by the dashes.

  • c PBL samples were obtained at the indicated number of days following adoptive transfer.