Table II.

Representative peptides designed on the basis of mAb HC-10-specific motif- and motif-surrounding amino acid substitutions detectable on classical (A, B, C) and nonclassical (E and G) HLA allele products

mAb HC-10 Reactivity with Representative HLA Allele ProductsMotif Containing HLA Class I Peptidea
Ref.Cell lineHC-10 reactivitybHLA alleleSerological designationscGroup
22 B7-transfected C1R+++dB7Reference molecule(Q54)E55G56P57E58Y59W60D61R62N63T64
11 12 JY, PP+++eB*0702B71a
11 BCK+++eB*2708B271bE
11 12 DKB, CAM020−−−eA*2402A24 (9)2EE
11 12 PP, RM12−−−eA*0301A33QE
12 BSM or JVM−−−eA*0201A24GE
7 11 32/32, 491−−−eA*2902A29 (19)5LQ
10 X63hβ2m/HLA-E−−−fEHLA-E6SE
24 JEG 3−−−eGHLA-G7EEE
  • a Amino acid residues located at the same position as the motif are shown in bold. Sequences were retrieved from

  • b Indicated as strong (+++) or weak absent (−−−).

  • c As summarized by Schreuder et al. (25 ).

  • d Assessed in Western blot with soluble HLA-B7 HC, which lacks the intracytoplasmic portion of the molecule.

  • e Assessed by immunoprecipitation/one-dimensional gel isoelectric focusing.

  • f Assessed by immunofluorescence staining.