Table I.

LX production is elevated in activated leukocytes from 15-LO TG rabbitsa

15-LO TG20.6
  • a The amounts of LXs were determined by LC-MS-MS analysis following extraction (see Materials and Methods). Rabbit leukocytes were isolated from both groups (15-LO TG and non-TG), enumerated, and incubated in PBS (pH 7.45) with ionophore A23187 (15 μM; 20 min; 37°C). PGB2 was used as an internal standard, and PGB2 extraction gave only a 1.6% recovery difference between values for non-TG and TG rabbits. Results are expressed as nanograms per 5 × 106 cells and are representative of four separate experiments where individual incubations were performed in duplicate.