Table I.

Treatment regimen and CCR2 expression profile of experimental groups

GroupsTreatment RegimenDesignation and CCR2 Expression Profilea
1) WTNoneWT (CCR2-positive circulation + CCR2-positive periphery)
2) CCR2 knockoutNoneCCR2 deficient (CCR2-deficient circulation + CCR2-deficient periphery)
3) CCR2 knockout, WT transplantedLethal irradiation, reconstitution with WT bone marrow cellsChimeric CCR2 deficient (CCR2-positive circulation + CCR2-deficient periphery)
4) WT, CCR2 knockout transplantedLethal irradiation, reconstitution with CCR2 knockout bone marrow cellsChimeric WT (CCR2-deficient circulation + CCR2-positive periphery)
5) CCR2 knockout, WT transplanted with alveolar macrophage repopulationSee No. 3, plus treatment with liposomal clodronateChimeric CCR2 deficient/rAM CCR2+/+
6) CCR2 knockout with WT mononuclear cell transfusionTransfusion of purified WT peripheral blood mononuclear cells into CCR2-deficient miceCCR2 deficient/PB-Mo CCR2+/+
  • a CCRZ expression profile is indicated in parentheses.