Table I.

Sequence comparison of receptor phosphotyrosine motifs known to recruit SOCS3 and phosphotyrosine motifs of the IL-10 receptor chainsa

ReceptorpY LocationSequenceRef. No.
h-gp130pY759S T V Q pY S   T V V H26 27
m-Leptin receptorpY985P S V K pY A   T L V S49 50
m-Leptin receptorpY1077K S V C pY L   G V T S49
h-Epo receptorpY401A S F E pY T   I L D P48
h-Epo receptorpY429P H L K pY L pY L V V51
h-G-CSF receptorpY729D Q V L pY G   Q L L G53
h-IL-10RIpY446A F Q G pY L   R Q T R
h-IL-10RIpY496L A K G pY L   K Q D P
h-IL-10RIIpY254K K T K pY A   F S P R
  • a Underlined characters highlight conserved residues. h, human; m, mouse; Epo, erythropoietin.