Table IV.

CD4+ T cells from STAT6−/− mice transfer abscess induction

DonorRecipientaNo. of Animals with Abscess/Total (%)bp Valuec
Wild typeαβTCR−/−7/9 (78)
STAT4−/−αβTCR−/−2/12 (17)0.009
STAT6−/−αβTCR−/−9/10 (90)NS
  • a Recipient animals received 3 × 106 CD4+ T cells from donor animals via the intracardiac route 24 h prior to challenge.

  • b Animals challenged via the i.p. route with 1 × 108 CFU of B. fragilis and SCC.

  • c Compared with animals that received T cells from wild-type animals.