Table I.

Reduced progression of initial arthritic jointa

Δ DifferencePBS (n = 14)Simvastatin (n = 13)
Articular index1.64 ± 0.170.15 ± 0.30b
Paw thickness (mm)0.53 ± 0.090.05 ± 0.08b
  • a DBA/1 mice immunized with CII were treated with simvastatin according to the therapeutic protocol as described in Materials and Methods. Articular swelling in the initially diseased joint was scored for severity (0–3), and paw thickness (millimeters) was measured with a dial-calliper. Δ Difference was calculated by subtracting the value of day 1 (beginning of treatment) from day 14 (end of therapy) of individual mice. Results are mean ± SEM of this difference per group.

  • b p < 0.01, compared with PBS control by Mann-Whitney U test.