Table I.

Treatment of T cells with IL-2, IL-7, and IL-15 but not IL-4 and IL-21, leads to up-regulation of IL-2Rα chaina

Anti-CD33.4496.755.35 736.86 3.594.125.31 622.07 4.69 488.4 4.16100.12
Anti-CD3/PD-L1.Fc3.1246.384.49 307.03 4.0551.414.18 246.99 4.46 272 4.3451.42
  • a CD4+ T cells were activated with anti-CD3 Ab-coated microspheres in the presence of optimal concentrations of the indicated cytokines. At 72 h, cells were harvested and stained for IL-2Rα (CD25) expression as described in Materials and Methods (n = 2). Mean fluorescence values are shown, bold numbers indicate increases 4-fold above media control.