Table II.

The extent of IgH gene D–J rearrangements in DC subtypes and control cells

Cell TypeRelative DJ-Rearranged IgH AllelesaSDNumber of PCR AssaysNumber of Cell Preparations
B cells1.00134
T cells0.420.10103
CD4low prothymocytes0.5011
Thymic CD8+ DC0.270.1143
Thymic CD8 DC0.160.0843
Splenic CD48+ DC0.030.0022
Splenic CD48 DC0.0111
Splenic CD4+8 DC0.020.0144
LN DC (total)0.0211
Skin-derived DC (total)0.020.0133
Thymic p-preDC0.350.0631
Splenic p-preDC0.220.0131
BM-reconstituted thymic DC (total)0.060.0122
BM-reconstituted thymic p-preDC0.0911
  • a The values were obtained from a series of experiments similar to Fig. 4, all performed in the linear range of the assay. The level of D–J rearrangements was estimated as the PhosphorImager readings on the D–J bands divided by the D–J plus germline bands. These values were then normalized to the value for B cell DNA in the same experiment, taken as 1.0.