Table III.

Functional categorization of known antigens identified by SEREX from HCC cDNA expression libraries

Functional CategoryNo.Examples
Enzyme12Peroxisomal enoyl-coenzyme isomerase, ATP synthase, V-ATPase GST, disulfide isomerase, topoisomerase IIb
Signal transduction2Translocation three four for small G protein, TFDP1 protein
Metabolic protein10Ferritin L chain, apolipoproteins II and E
Cytoskeleton protein1Actin-like protein
DNA/RNA duplication and regulation5Transcription elongation factor, RNA transcription mediator, snRNA-associated sm-like protein, TATA element modulator
Growth factor- and receptor-inducing gene products3IFN-inducible gene, insulin-induced gene Pleiotrophic regulator I
Ag processingDna J protein (heat shock protein)
Tumor suppressor gene1Tumorous imaginal discs protein
Complement molecules3H factor 1, factor H homolog, factor H1-related protein
Ectopic expression2Human obese gene, Ig rearranged γ-chain V-D-J