Table I.

Construction of four HCC cDNA libraries in λ-ZAP expression vector and the number of SEREX-identified Ags

Patient No.Age (years)HCC StageLibrary No.Primary SizeScreening SerumClones ScreenedPositive ClonescDNA FragmentsKnown GenesaNovel Genesb
171T3N0M013.9 × 106Autologous3.5 × 105421183
247T3N0M021.2 × 106Allogeneic3.5 × 10541301911
368T3N0M035.0 × 106Autologous2.0 × 1051912111
458T3N0M041.5 × 106Allogeneic1.0 × 10514770
Total1 × 1061166045215
  • a Figures represent the different cDNA fragments or genes.

  • b There were four identical clones of a known gene identified from both libraries 2 and 4, whereas one identical clone of a known gene was identified from both libraries 1 and 2. Therefore, the number of different known cDNA fragments was 40.