Table II.

Total Ig and blood in undiluted secretions collected with Weck-Cel spongesa

SpecimenSecretion VolumebBlood Contaminant (%)cIg Concentration (μg/ml)IgA1:IgA2 Ratio
Whole saliva186.5<0.00130.619.2381.870:30
Endocervical secretion56.20.0081210.222.51267.059:41
Vaginal secretion49.1<0.001615.90.3423.055:45
Rectal secretion35.70.086301.429.63045.738:62
  • a Shown are geometric means.

  • b Microliters per sponge.

  • c The number of lysed RBC which would release the amount of Hb measured in the secretion was multiplied by the dilution factor introduced during processing, then compared to the number of RBC present in normal female blood (4,800,000/μl).

  • d Not applicable.