Table I.

Summary of efficacy data for ATLa, LTB4R-Ant, and MPA in skin inflammation modelsa

Model and SpeciesEfficacy End PointPotency
ATLa IC50 (μg/cm2)LTB4R-Ant IC50 (μg/cm2)
LTB4/Iloprost, mouseEdema44 ± 34b32 ± 9b
Granulocytic infiltration37 ± 33b21 ± 7b
Neutrophil infiltration41 ± 10b27 ± 17b
Calcium ionophore, mouseEdema200300
Granulocyte infiltration180190
Neutrophil infiltration<100c<100c
Calcium ionophore, guinea pigEdema250∼100
Granulocyte infiltration200<100c
Mezerein, mouseEdema150260
Granulocyte infiltration140100
Neutrophil infiltration<100c100
Epidermal hyperproliferation120400
Croton oil, mouseEdema390550
Granulocyte infiltration600310
Neutrophil infiltration500200
Trimellitic anhydride (DTH), mouseEdema520d
Granulocyte infiltration420d
Neutrophil infiltration320<100c
  • a The table summarizes the IC50 for ATLa and LTB4R-Ant for each efficacy end point tested in the cutaneous inflammation models.

  • b Mean ± SEM from three independent experiments.

  • c Estimated IC50 outside of dose range tested.

  • d Dose response not established.