Table II.

HL-60 genes differentially expressed during A. phagocytophila infection as identified by cDNA microarray screening

GeneEncoded ProteinBiological Role(s)Differential Expression Scorea
bpi Bactericidal membrane permeability-increasing proteinAnti-Gram peptide; induces growth arrest and outer membrane permeation, neutralizes endotoxin, opsonic factor (31 )1
c-myc c-MycTranscription factor; apoptosis, cell growth, metabolism (32 )2
mpo MyeloperoxidaseMicrobicidal; converts H2O2 to HOCl (34 )2.5
mbn MyeloblastinRegulates proliferation and differentiation of HL-60 cells (33 )2
rac2 Rac2NADPH oxidase activation (9 10 )1
fth Ferritin heavy chainIntracellular iron storage (35 )5
IL-8 IL-8Neutrophil chemokine; attracts PMNs to site of infection (36 )4
IL-1β IL-1βProinflammatory cytokine (37 )3.5
  • a Differential expression score ranges from 1 (strongly down-regulated during A. phagocytophila infection) to 5 (strongly up-regulated during infection); a score of 3 represents equivalent expression between uninfected and infected cells.