Table I.

Inflammatory signals drive a destructive CD8 T cell responsea

MiceAgentNo. of Survivors/No. in Group (%)
232VSV-OVA0/5 (0)
232wt VSV0/7 (0)
C57BL/6Cholera toxin7/7 (100)
232Cholera toxin6/14 (43)
C57BL/6Anti-CD407/7 (100)
232Anti-CD406/14 (43)
  • a C57BL/6J or 232 mice received OT-I cells and the indicated agents. Mice receiving either VSV-OVA or wt VSV were immunized 1 day after cell transfer. Agonistic anti-CD40 Ab (100 μg) was administered the day before and the day of cell transfer. Whole CT (10 μg) was administered the day before cell transfer, continuing daily for five feeds. Animals typically died by day 10 posttransfer and groups were monitored at least until day 15.