Table I.

Percentage of reduction on membrane and intracellular protein abundance by extracts of cigarette, loose leaf, and snuff tobaccoa

Cell LinemClass IbTAP1
CigaretteLoose leafSnuffCigaretteLoose leafSnuff
Primary keratinocytes424270453946
Average± SDc55 ± 553 ± 761 ± 1438 ± 833 ± 838 ± 6
  • a For each cell population data are expressed as the percentage of reduction of membrane expression of HLA class I or intracellular abundance of TAP1 in tobacco-treated compared to control cells. Data are compiled from multiple experiments. All data were generated by flow cytometry, TAP1 data were generated by intracellular flow cytometry.

  • b mClass I, membrane class I; N.T., Not tested.

  • c For mClass I and TAP1 the overall reduction of each extract on different cell populations was averaged and SDs were generated.