Table I.

Prediction of Db binding peptides for random peptidesa

PeptidesMean Log Kd (M)No. of Peptides with Log Kd < −6
Quehigh sampled peptides(%)
Total−6.0825 /4161
Quehigh and Libhigh−6.5916 /1984
Quehigh but Liblow−5.649 /2241
Libhigh sampled peptides
Total−5.7816 /4139
Libhigh and Quehigh−6.039 /1947
Libhigh but Quelow−5.567 /2232
  • a Forty-one peptides ranked within the top 1% by the Qbag or library method were examined for their MHC-binding abilities. No peptide was overlapping between the two groups. Previously, the Lib score at 2 SD from the mean score (i.e., 0.92) corresponded approximately to −6 in log Kd, and that often coincided with the biological activities (14 ). The Qbag scores >5.4 rank approximately the same number of peptides as Lib > 0.92. Therefore, these values were used as thresholds for Quehigh/low and Libhigh/low.