Table II.

CD1−/− mice have a high incidence of primary mammary carcinomaa

StrainTumor IncidenceDiameter of Primary Tumor ± SD (mm)
BALB/c10 /104.26 ± 0.96
STAT6−/−5 /104.42 ± 1.13
CD1−/−10 /104.94 ± 0.67
  • a Mice were inoculated in the abdominal mammary gland with 7000 4T1 mammary carcinoma cells and followed for development of primary tumor at the site of injection. Tumor incidence is number of mice that developed solid tumor/total mice inoculated. Tumor-free mice did not develop tumors within a 70-day observation period. TD were measured at 2–3 wk after 4T1 inoculation at the time of surgery.