Table I.

Characterization of DC subsets in peripheral blood of HIV-infected individualsa

DC SubsetsHIVHIV+p Valuesb
MDC0.27 (0.17–0.47)c0.27 (0.13–0.40)dNS
PDC (CD123+)0.29 (0.13–0.42)c0.10 (0.05–0.18)d<0.0001
PDC (BDCA-2+)0.37 (0.15–0.50)e0.09 (0.05–0.14)f<0.0001
  • a Values represent percentage of positive cells and are expressed as median (25th–75th percentile).

  • b Statistical significance between HIV and HIV+.

  • c n = 53 donors tested.

  • d n = 65 donors tested.

  • e n = 21 donors tested.

  • f n = 33 donors tested.