Table I.

Cytokine production by lung myeloid DC upon exposure to conidia or hyphae of A. fumigatus

Exposure toaCytokine Productionb
Conidia65 ± 12c41 ± 8c<4<0.6
Hyphae117 ± 8c<1618 ± 2c8 ± 3c
  • a Myeloid DC were isolated from lungs of BALB/c mice and exposed to viable conidia or hyphae (at cells, fungi ratios of 1:5 and 1:1, respectively) for 24 h before determination of cytokines in culture supernatants. Amphotericin B was added to the cultures for the last 22 h to prevent fungal overgrowth.

  • b Levels of cytokines (pg/ml; mean ± SE), as determined by specific ELISA; <, below the detection limit of the assay.

  • c p < 0.05, pulsed vs unpulsed DC.