Table I.

MSC lines do not inhibit IL-2 releasea

Stimulation ConditionsIL-2 (pg/ml)
Con A1458 ± 97
Con A+ MSC-12215 ± 67
Con A+ MH-S3240 ± 127
OVA959 ± 7
OVA+ MSC-21157 ± 14
OVA+ MH-S966 ± 4
  • a BALB/c T cells or DO11.10 transgenic splenocytes were stimulated with Con A or OVA323–339 peptide, respectively, in the presence of MSC lines or control MH-S cells as indicated. Levels of IL-2 in supernatants were determined after 24 h. Data (mean ± SE) are representative of three separate experiments.