Table II.

Distribution of CMV-specific T cells within the memory subsets defined by CD28, CD45RA, and β7 integrin

AnimalAge (years)StimulusaResponder Frequency (%)% of Response within Memory Subsets
CD28CD45RAβ7 integrin
CD4+ T cells
166049.3CMV alone0.3054.726.711.921.035.539.569.423.82.9
1624210.6CMV alone0.6051.922.521.527.018.050.875.314.66.1
164769.5CMV+ CD49d0.6684.63.610.213.251.533.812.156.330.0
1581711.8CMV+ CD49d0.4777.11.518.824.534.238.429.451.914.5
CD8+ T cells
166049.3IE-1+ CD49d5.1299.
164769.5IE-1+ CD49d1.1485.310.13.048.839.210.43.481.213.8
200968.4IE-1+ CD49d4.7395.11.32.724.657.616.931.466.41.3
171808.9IE-1+ CD49d5.3293.
  • a CMV, Whole rhesus CMV preparations; IE-1, total mix of rhesus CMV IE-1 15 mer peptides (11 aa overlap).