Table VI.

HLA class I-restricted recognition of dengue NS3 protein by CD8+ CTL lines isolated from subject C95-098a

Target CellsHLA Class I Alleles% Specific Lysis by Indicated T Cell Line
Autologous297 (*0705/6), 613684647
C95-02924, 34 7 (*0705/6), 751, 6261811
JK2, 247, 623, 7271417
CLL 0401, 2944, 99110
HTN#12, 1139, 403, 12020
  • a Allogeneic BLCL that shared one or more HLA class I alleles with the autologous cells were pulsed with peptide D2-NS3527–535 and used as target cells in 51Cr release assays; shared HLA alleles are underlined. Target cells incubated without peptide were not recognized (not shown). The E:T ratio was 10:1. Boldface values indicate significant target cell lysis.