Table III.

Summary of the CDR3α sequences of VSV8-specific CTLs of different Vα familiesa

CDR3 Sequence 93CDR3 LengthJα UsageFrequency
 1SXYQGGRALI10156 /7
 2PXYQGGRALI101518 /24
 5(S/T)XYQGGRALI10156 /7
15SXYQGGRALI101521 /29
  • a Tgβ mice were immunized with VSV8, and TCR CDR3α sequences were determined after 2 wk of culture in the presence of VSV8. The single-letter amino acid code is used. CDR3α is taken to be from position 93 to just before the Jα-encoded “FG” (with the conserved C taken to be at position 90). Conserved CDR3 residues are shown in boldface and the Jα region is underlined. X, Nonconserved residues. The CDR3 length indicated is for the listed sequence only. Frequency, Number of each listed amino acid sequence obtained relative to the total number of sequences analyzed for that family.