Table I.

Cytokine production by CMS4-reactive CTL

StimulusCytokine Productiona (ng/ml/106 cells/24 h)
CMS4b (1:10)186.6 ± 5.97.98 ± 0.85
P815b (1:10)<0.2c<0.2c
AH-1d294.4 ± 47.528.2 ± 4.6
Con Ad475.6 ± 21.819.6 ± 2.0
  • a Cytokine production by the CMS4-reactive CTL was measured in culture supernatants by ELISA as described in Materials and Methods and is expressed as the average ± SEM of triplicate wells.

  • b T cells were stimulated with tumor cells at an E:T ratio of 1:10.

  • c Level of cytokine production was below the limit of detection of the assay.

  • d T cells were stimulated with peptide (1 μg/ml) or Con A (2.5 μg/ml) in the presence of irradiated syngeneic spleen cells as APC.