Table I.

Expression of activation markers on Tg+ B cells

PE2p Valuea
B7.2b (MFI)137.0 (±9.6)168.5 (±5.0)<0.001
MHC IIb (MFI)422.2 (±43.9)399.3 (±22.1)NSc
CD44b (MFI)350.6 (±85.8)464.4 (±63.0)NS
B7.2b (%)24.3 (±5.7)42.2 (±5.7)<0.002
CD138d (%)0.9 (±0.6)2.8 (±0.4)<0.002
  • a An unpaired Student’s t test was performed to determine statistical significance.

  • b Values were determined from B220+/IgG2b+ gated B cells from P- or E2-treated R4A-IgG2b mice (n = 4). Data are presented as the mean ± SD; MFI, mean fluorescence intensity.

  • c NS, Not statistically significant.

  • d Values were determined as the percentage of CD138+/IgG2b+ lymphoid gated cells.