Table II.

Effect of LAC on the TAP-dependent and -independent expression of HLA-A*0201a

Incubation ConditionsHLA-A*0201 Expression
721 (TAP+)721.174 (TAP)
Acid wash+ medium for 5 h617 (29.1)b104 (29.8)
Acid wash+ LAC for 5 h40557
  • a TAP normal 721 and TAP-deficient 721.174 cells were acid treated and allowed to re-express HLA-A*0201 in the absence or presence of 100 μM LAC for 5 h. HLA-A*0201 levels were measured by flow cytometry after staining with PA2.1. Mean fluorescent intensity values are shown. This experiment is representative of four experiments.

  • b Values in parentheses represent percentage of normal expression in medium only.