Table I.

Development of anti-dsDNA Absa

Advanced DiseaseMild Disease
Baseline12 wkpBaseline16 wkp
CTX+ CTLA4Ig2.30.6*<.0012.31.7NS
  • a Expressed as geometric mean titer, among mice with either mild or advanced renal disease during treatment with saline, CTX, CTLA4Ig, or combined CTX and CTLA4Ig. Values of p are for comparisons between mean titers at the end of treatment and the beginning of treatment for each treatment. Anti-dsDNA Abs were not determined beyond 12 wk for mice with advanced disease because there were no surviving mice in the saline and single-treatment groups at 16 wk. *, p < 0.001 for CTX + CTLA4Ig vs saline at 12 wk; †, p < 0.01 for CTX + CTLA4Ig vs saline at 16 wk.