Table II.

Quantitative estimation of TLR1 and 4 surface expression

Average ΔMFIanMol/CellbRange
TLR1Monocytes14.2152100  0–5400
iDC1.66230 30–440
  • a Cells were labeled with saturating amounts of anti-TLR mlgG1 mAbs and stained with a FITC-labeled secondary Ab. Avg ΔMFI, average mean fluorescent intensities of n samples of cells labeled with anti-TLR mAbs minus MFIs from cells treated with an irrelevant mlgG1 (MOPC 300).

  • b The binding of radioiodinated NIH44.1 (mlgG1) to CD44 on monocytes was used to relate ΔMFI to Mol/Cell. At saturation, 1.5 × 105 molecules of NIH44.1 bound per cell by Scatchard analysis, corresponding to a ΔMFI of 990, or 150 Mol/Cell/ΔMFI. Numbers of anti-TLR mAb bound per cell (Mol/Cell) were calculated by multiplying coresponding ΔMFI values by 150. Range indicates the lowest and highest numbers of mAb molecules bound per cell in the n samples. NM, not measurable.