Table III.

Lethality of wild-type and mutant SPE C proteins as determined in the miniosmotic pump and endotoxin enhancement models

Protein TestedNo. of Rabbits Dead/Total No. of Rabbits
Miniosmotic pump modelapbEnhancement of endotoxin shock modelcpb
Wild-type3 /35 /5
Y15A/N38D0 /50.0180 /50.004
Wild-type5 /54 /4
Y15A/H35A/N38D0 /50.0040 /50.008
  • a A total of 500 μg of each protein were administered in s.c. implanted miniosmotic pumps, and mortality was recorded over 15 days.

  • b Student’s t test.

  • c Rabbits were treated with 5 μg/kg SPE C or various mutant proteins suspended in PBS administered i.v. After 4 h, 10 μg/kg purified Salmonella typhimurium endotoxin suspended in PBS were given i.v., and mortality was recorded over 48 h.