Table I.

Distribution of Caja-DRB alleles in the selected panel of marmosetsa

Animal CodeSexBirth Date (mo/yr)Weight (g)Caja-DRB1*03−DRB*W16−DRB*W12
9501M1 /9529101/03/0716041201
9502M1 /9530203 /05/0716091201
9601M1 /963100316051201
9602M1 /9629002/0316051201
EscudoM5 /9535901/051601/16111201
EstradaF5 /9534701/03/051601/16111201
9347M6 /93021606/16071201
9328F6 /9301/0416091201
  • a Twins 9501/9502 and 9601/9602 were bred and raised at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre, and twins Escudo/Estrada were purchased from the Max von Pettenhofer Institute (Munich, Germany). The sex, birth dates, and body weights at the start of the study of the monkeys are given. Marmosets 9501, 9601, and Escudo were immunized with 100 μg rhMOG/CFA. Animals 9502, 9602, and Estrada were immunized with 1 mg hMBP/CFA. B cell lines from animals 9437 and 9328 were included in the test panel of APC to elucidate the MHC restriction element of phMOG14-36. The presence of Caja-DRB*W1201 was also confirmed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis.