Table II.

Autoantibodies in pristane-treated B6 micea

StrainRxnImmunoprecipitation Assay (%)ELISA (%)
lpr/lpr Pristane128000833100100
gld/gld Pristane91100011 33100100
  • a Abs to RNP (nRNP or Sm), Su, ribosomal P, NF90/NF45, and core histones were detected by immunoprecipitation using sera obtained 6 mo after treatment with pristane or PBS (0.5 ml i.p.). For mice that died before that time (mainly gld/gld mice), the latest available monthly serum sample was used. “Any” refers to the detection of one or more of the previous autoantibodies by immunoprecipitation. Abs to ssDNA and chromatin were detected using ELISAs.

  • b , p = 0.04 vs lpr/lpr (Fisher exact test).