Table I.

Clinical status of metastatic melanoma patients and enumeration of A2/Melan A tetramer binding lymphocytes in TIL(N)

Patient CodeaAge (yr)Tumor Stage (AJCC)bSamplea%CD8+ in Lymphocyte Gatec%CD8+ A2/Melan-A Tetramer+
LAU 15650T3N0M1Paravertebral metastasis979.7
LAU 15651T3N0M1Paravertebral metastasis85.414.7
LAU 21271pTXN2cM0Subcutaneous metastasis923.9
LAU 33725pT3aN2M1Soft tissue metastasis34.20.3
LAU 32165pT2N2cM0Subcutaneous metastasis65.50.2
LAU 34378pT3aN2cM0Subcutaneous metastasis63.615.5
LAU 25361pT3aN2M0Tumor-infiltrated lymph node62.321.8
LAU 5065pT4aN2cM0Tumor-infiltrated lymph node47.514.5
LAU 23375pT4N2cM0Tumor-infiltrated lymph node87.424.4
LAU 20366pTxN2cM0Tumor-infiltrated lymph node984.9
LAU 31442pT2N0M1Tumor-infiltrated lymph node67.7<0.01
LAU 19871pT3aN1M0Tumor-infiltrated lymph node52.8<0.01
  • a All samples included in this series were collected by surgical dissection, finely minced with needles and cultured for 2–3 wk in complete medium supplemented with hrIL-2 and hrIL-7.

  • b AJCC, American Joint Committee on Cancer.

  • c Aliquots of TIL(N) were analyzed by two-color flow cytometry after staining with anti-CD8 and A2/Melan-A tetramers. CD8bright cells were gated, and the percentage of CD8+ A2/Melan-A tetramer+ cells was calculated with CellQuest software.