Table II.

Down-regulation of Bcl-2 protein expression in KS-like lesions by paclitaxela

TreatmentMice TreatedBcl-2 Positive Cells % Average (range)
Saline solution (two doses)322.5 (14.4–32.1)
Paclitaxel 500 μg (two doses)34.1 (1.2–7.3)
  • a Nude mice were inoculated with KSC s.c. and treated with paclitaxel (two doses of 500 μg on days 0 and 2) or saline solution i.p. (three animals/group), as described in Table I. Animals were sacrificed on day 4, and the lesions present at the injection sites were excised and frozen in OCT. Immunohistochemical analysis was performed on sections fixed with cold acetone using a rat anti-mouse Bcl-2 mAb by the APAAP method as described in Materials and Methods. The percentage of positive cells in five high-power fields (×40 magnification) was counted and presented as the mean with the range of the readings.