Table I.

Analysis of NY-ESO-1 and LAGE-1 expression in melanoma tumors

PatientSampleaNY-ESO-1LAGE-1MAGE-1MAGE-4Cell Lineb
LAU 50Cut, 93+c++(+)++
LAU 50LN, 95+++++Me 275
LAU 53Cut, 96++++++
LAU 53Cut, 96++++
LAU 53Cut, 97++++Me 312/Me 325
LAU 53Cut, 98++++++Me 333
LAU 86LN++++++++++++Me 237
LAU 148LN+++++++
LAU 193LN++++++++
LAU 194LN++++++Me 285.A
LAU 202LN+++++++++
LAU 205Primary(+)++
LAU 205LN(+)
LAU 242LN, Feb. 97++Me 311
LAU 242LN, Oct. 97+++++++Me 324
LAU 302Cut+++++++Me 342
LAU 333LN+++++++
LAU 4Cut, 94++++++
LAU 4Cut, 94++++++
LAU 4Cut, 95++++++(+)
LAU 4Cut, 95++++++
LAU 119LN++++++++Me 252
LAU 156dBone, 97++++
LAU 156dBone, 99++++++
LAU 266Cut++++++++Me 329.M2
LAU 56Cut, 93
LAU 56LN, 97(+)Me 323
LAU 92LN, May 94Me 242.B.1
LAU 92Muscle, Jul. 94+++
LAU 149Sub-cut, 98+
LAU 149Paravert, 99
LAU 181LN++++
LAU 203LN++++Me 290
LAU 289Sub-cut++++++Me 343
LAU 321Cut
LAU 321LN+++++++
LAU 331LN+++++
LAU 332LN+++
LAU 350LN+
LAU 362LN++
LAU 145Sub-cut
LAU 145Sub-cut++Me 257
LAU 343LN+T343A
LAU 343LN+
  • a Except for one primary tumor (LAU 205), all lesions were metastatic. LN, Lymph node; cut, cutaneous; paravert, paravertebral. When multiple metastases were not removed simultaneously, dates of surgery are indicated.

  • b Tumors from which cell lines were derived are indicated.

  • c RT/PCR analyses and semiquantitative assessment of mRNA expression were performed as described in Materials and Methods, using SK-Mel-37 (for NY-ESO-1 and LAGE-1) and MZ2-MEL-3.0 (for MAGE genes) melanoma cells as reference. Expression levels were scored as follows: +++, 50–200%; ++, 10–50%; +, 1–10%; (+), <1% of the levels found in the reference cell line.

  • d This patient had an ocular melanoma.