Table II.

Changes in Vγ frequency in infected mice

Vγ1 ratioVγ4 ratioVγ other ratio
C3H/HeN2.32 (1.80–2.82)1.00 (0.95–1.05)ND
C3H/HeN Vγ4/6−/−1.14 (0.78–1.44)1.73 (1.14–2.87)
C57BL/100.10 (0.05–0.18)0.24 (0.07–0.54)ND
C57BL/10 Vγ4/6−/−0.05 (0.03–0.08)0.12 (0.08–0.15)
  • a Ratios shown represent, for each subset, the average number of cells obtained per spleen in infected mice divided by that obtained in uninfected mice. The range calculated from the SD obtained for each population is shown beside each ratio.