Table II.

Analysis of productively rearranged VH gene sequence obtained from individual peripheral B cells

GeneVH SegmentReading length (bp)Mutations (n)Sequence Homologya (%)
D12 II VH3 E1VH3-09/DP-31222498.2
D12 II VH3 G2VH3-23/DP-47223199.6
D12 II VH3 E3VH3-74/DP-532260100.0
D12 II VH3 F4VH3-23/DP-47225199.6
D12 II VH3 G4VH3-23/DP-472220100.0
D12 II VH3 D5VH3-64/DP-61226299.1
D12 II VH3 B6VH3-23/DP-47227199.6
D12 II VH3 A7VH3-23/DP-472220100.0
D12 II VH3 C8LSG 6.12310100.0
D12 II VH3 E8VH3-23/DP-472260100.0
D12 II VH3 A1bVH3-09/DP-312240100.0
D12 II VH3 C2bVH3-33/DP-50221199.5
D12 II VH3 E12bVH3-732220100.0
D12 II VH1 D9bVH1-08/DP 152190100.0
D12 III VH3 F1VH3-23/DP-472271095.6
D12 III VH3 H2VH3-33/DP-50223896.4
D12 III VH3 E4VH3-64/DP-612260100.0
D12 III VH3 E6VH3-21/DP-772241792.4
D12 III VH3 A7VH3-09/DP-312241892.0
D12 III VH3 G7VH3-23/DP-472241593.3
D12 III VH3 H7VH3-33/DP-502181493.6
D12 III VH3 F8VH3-07/DP-54209995.7
D12 III VH3 B11VH3-23/DP-472251195.1
D12 III VH3 G11VH3-23/DP-472241493.8
D12 III VH4 C7VH4-30.4/DP-78210597.6
D12 III VH4 G7VH4-59/DP-712102190.0
D12 III VH1 A3VH 1-69/DP 102183285.3
D12 III VH1 B1VH 1-46/Hg3+2191394.1
D12 III VH3 C8bVH3-33/DP-502221095.5
D12 IV VH3 E1VH3-30/DP-492272389.9
D12 IV VH3 G1VH3-13/DP-482232489.2
D12 IV VH3 H3VH3-21/DP-77226299.1
D12 IV VH3 A6VH3-23/DP-472192389.5
D12 IV VH3 E6VH3-33/DP-502090100.0
D12 IV VH4 B1VH4-59/DP-712171294.5
D12 IV VH4 G1VH4-b/DP-672132289.7
D12 IV VH4 F2VH4-34/DP-63203796.6
D12 IV VH4 H2VH4-59/DP-711911194.2
D12 IV VH4 F3VH4-34/DP-632171891.7
D12 IV VH4 G3VH4-34/DP-632021393.6
D12 IV VH1 D2VH 1-18/DP-142222389.7
D12 IV VH4 C2bVH4-59/DP-711801591.7
D12 IV VH4 G2bVH4-04/DP-701411192.2
D12 IV VH4 A1cVH4-612532590.1
D12 IV VH4 F1cVH4-612534582.3
D12 IV VH4 H3cVH4-612535578.2
  • a Sequence homology and the underlying VH segments were determined as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b Nonproductive VH rearrangement.

  • c Clonally related VH gene rearrangements.