Table III.

Detection frequency of the Vα24+ TCR and the invariant Vα24JαQ in the CNS and PNS lesions

This table summarizes the results of all of the SSCP experiments for autopsy samples of the CNS and biopsy samples of PNS.

SamplesVα24+ Samples/All SamplesaVα24JαQ TCR+ Samples/All Samplesb
MS15/25 (60.0%)1/25 (4.0%)
ONDc3/6 (50.0%)0/6 (0%)
NNDd0/6 (0%)0/6 (0%)
CIDP10/10 (100%)6/10 (60.0%)
ONDe4/11 (36.4%)0/11 (0%)
  • a The number of the samples from which Vα24+TCR products could be amplified/the number of all of the samples examined.

  • b The number of the invariant Vα24JαQ-TCR+ samples/the number of all of the samples examined.

  • c The OND samples include two from patients with Alzheimer disease and four from those with striatonigral degeneration.

  • d Autopsy cases without neurological disease.

  • e The OND samples include the sural nerve of hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy (n = 1), nerves without remarkable pathology (n = 3), Krabbe disease (n = 1), alcoholic polyneuropathy (n = 2), diabetic polyneuropathy (n = 1), Churg-Strauss syndrome (n = 1), acute demyelinating polyneuropathy (n = 1), and POEMS syndrome (n = 1) (numbers in parentheses show the total number of the patients examined). See Ref. 36 for information on each neurological disease.