Table V.

Concentrations of cytokines during the stimulation phase of CD4+ T cells with variously treated AWE-pulsed autologous DCs

Preculture SystemaCulture SystembCD8+ T Cells + AuTu-AWE-DC
1. CD4+ T cells+ AuTu-AWE-DC7–45c6–2619–985–37
2. CD4+ T cells+ AuTu-AWE-DC+ anti-CD40L mAb0.9–130.5–37–271–11
3. AuTu-AWE-DC0.3–100.7–43–300.7–9
  • a DCs pulsed with AWE from the autologous tumor (AuTu-AWE-DC) were incubated for 48 h with autologous CD4+ T cells or as otherwise indicated (for details see Materials and Methods).

  • b CD8+ T cells were stimulated for 10 days with AuTu-AWE-DC, precultured as indicated in Column 1. Cytokines in culture supernatants were measured on day 10.

  • c The range of concentrations (in nanograms per milliliter) from four patients tested are given.