Table II.

Effect of CD4+ T cell priming on establishment of Sendai virus-specific CD8+ T cell memory in the spleena

PrimingInfection%CD8+N324–332/Kb+% CD8+N324–332/Db+
  • a C57BL/6 mice primed with either HN421–436 or HN559–574 peptide 20 days before were inoculated i.n. with 500 EID50 of Sendai virus. Spleen cells were pooled from three to four primed mice of each group at different time points after infection. Spleen cells from naive B6 mice were used as controls. The frequencies of CD8+ T cells specific for Sendai virus dominant (NP324–332/Kb) and subdominant (NP324–332/Db) CD8+ epitope were determined by NP324–332/Kb or NP324–332/Db tetramer staining. The results are presented as percentage of CD8+NP324–332/Kb+ population among total CD8+ cells in lymphocyte/lymphoblast gates. The data are representative of two independent experiments.