Table I.

Sendai virus-specific serum Ab titers after priming of C57BL/6 mice with HN peptides

Infection/PrimingAb Titera
Sendai virus1/64,000
CFA control< 1/25
HN421–436< 1/25
HN559–575< 1/25
  • a Pooled serum samples were obtained from either Sendai virus-infected (30 days after i.n. inoculation with 500 EID50) or Sendai virus HN peptide-primed B6 mice (14 days after the boost). Serum Ab titers were determined by ELISA assay using a purified Sendai virus antigen preparation. The final titer of a serum is based on the final dilution of the sample whose OD value is greater than that of mean + 3 SD of negative control sera.