Table I.

Assessment of Ag specificity and tumor reactivity of A2/Melan-A tetramer+ CD8+ T cells elicited by stimulation with rVV

LAU 233LAU 97LAU 203
% A2/Melan-A tetramer+ cellsaIFN-γ (pg/ml)b% A2/Melan-A tetramer+ cellsIFN-γ (pg/ml)% A2/Melan-A tetramer+ cellsIFN-γ (pg/ml)
Me 290NA 8-MELMe 290NA 8-MELMe 290NA 8-MEL
No infection0.131421780.071782760.04141134
No infection+ peptide ELAGIGILTV2.211931783.417822763.71230141
GFP-Ub-M26-35 A27L3.716321720.53902645.21020145
  • a Highly enriched CD8+ T cells from A2+ melanoma patients were stimulated and stained 2 wk later as detailed in Materials and Methods.

  • b At day 14, CD8+-stimulated lymphocytes were cocultured overnight at 37°C with either NA8-MEL or Me 290 melanoma cells. IFN-γ production was measured in the culture supernatant using an ELISA assay.