Table II.

Vaccination of PKO/GKO mice with DP-L1942 induces specific CD8+ T cell-dependent immunitya

− Anti-CD8+ Anti-CD8
Immune1071 /3ND
1063 /60 /6
1053 /60 /3
1046 /60 /3
Naive1030 /3ND
  • a PKO/GKO mice were infected with 1 × 106 CFU of DP-L1942. Mice were subsequently depleted of CD8+ T cells or not and were challenged at 35 days postimmunization with the indicated number of virulent LM 10403s. Survival was monitored for 28 days. Data are pooled from two independent experiments. The LD50 in the absence of CD8+ T cell depletion was 105.8 CFU. ND, not determined.