Table I.

Activated CD4+CD25+ cells inhibit Ag-specific responsesa

ResponderActivated CD4+CD25+% Suppression
Expt. 1Expt. 2
BALB/c CD4+BALB/c9898
HA CD4+BALB/c8391
HNT CD4+BALB/c6984
PCC CD4+BALB/c6595
BALB/c CD4+HA TCR tg9797
HA CD4+HA TCR tg9998
HNT CD4+HA TCR tg7487
PCC CD4+HA TCR tg6697
  • a Responder CD4+CD25 cells (5 × 104) were incubated with anti-CD3 (in the case of BALB/c cells) or the appropriate peptide and APC (5 × 104), in the presence or absence of activated CD4+CD25+ cells (experiment 1; 1.25 × 104; experiment 2, 2.5 × 104). Activated CD4+CD25+ cells were generated from BALB/c or HA TCR Tg mice by stimulating with anti-CD3 and IL-2 for 1 wk. Data are expressed as percent suppression as compared to responder cells stimulated in the absence of IL-2-treated CD4+CD25+ cells.