Table I.

Analysis for loci linked with nephritis in B10.Az backcross micea

MarkerPositionbSusceptibilityχ2p ValueO.R.c
D1Mit80 1,52NZB/NZB > B10/NZB0.7NS1.3
Crp 1,94NZB/NZB > B10/NZB5.70.022.3
D4Mit17 4,31NZB/NZB > B10/NZB5.90.022.4
D4Mit349 4,82NZB/NZB > B10/NZB5.20.022.3
D7Mit82 7,25NZB/NZB > B10/NZB3.70.052.1
D10Mit297 10,70B10/NZB > NZB/NZB2.3NS1.8
D13Mit98d 13,40B10/NZB > NZB/NZB5.00.022.2
D13Mit147d 13,49B10/NZB > NZB/NZB4.10.042.0
D13Mit213d 13,59B10/NZB > NZB/NZB6.70.012.8
D13Mit226d 13,59B10/NZB > NZB/NZB8.92.9× 10−33.1
D13Mit150d 13,71B10/NZB > NZB/NZB6.90.012.5
D14Mit21 14,20NZB/NZB > B10/NZB0.6NS1.2
H2 17,19H2b/d > H2d/d16.16.2× 10−54.8
  • a Loci showing at least a trend (p = 0.01) for linkage with nephritis, anti-chromatin Abs, or gp70 IC are included in this table and Table II. Other loci showing trends for linkage with nephritis at p < 0.05 included D2Mit226 (2,96), D7Mit96 (7,50), D11Mit241 (11,28), and D19Mit16 (19,15).

  • b The positions of markers are as listed in the Mouse Chromosome Committee Reports, obtainable from the Mouse Genome Database at

  • c O.R., odds ratio.

  • d The disease susceptibility alleles for these loci and for H2 on chromosome 17 are contributed by the B10 strain, and the inverse of the odds ratio is presented for clarity.