Table II.

Donor- and organ-specific tolerance in recipients with AdCTLA4Ig-treated long surviving heartsa

Second Graft Survival (days)
Donor Strain (MHC haplotype)SkinHeart (neck)
LEW 1A (RT1a )>50ND
LEW 1W (RT1u)8, 9, 10>150, >150, >150
Fischer (RT11v1)8, 9, 918, 20, 20
  • a LEW.1A recipients bearing AdCTLA4Ig-transduced LEW.1W long-term (>150 days) surviving hearts (grafted in the abdomen) received a second graft, either skin or a cardiac graft (grafted onto the neck). Donor strains were LEW.1A (syngeneic control), LEW.1W (same haplotype as the first cardiac graft), or Fischer (third-party control).