Table I.

Dose-response effect of AdCTLA4Iga

AdCTLA4Ig (pfu)nCTLA4Ig in Serum (μg/ml)Survival (days)Anti-SRBC Inhibition (%)Anti-KLH Inhibition (%)
1.25× 10923, 1.5417, >100>9552, 76
2.5× 10921.7, 1.243, >100>9552, 78
5× 10921.7, 4.3>100>9583, 91
  • a AdCTLA4Ig was delivered into cardiac grafts (LEW.1W to LEW.1A combination) at the indicated doses. CTLA4Ig was quantified in serum at day 10 after gene transfer using a sandwich ELISA. SRBC and KLH were administered at days 0 and 90, respectively, after gene transfer. Anti-SRBC Abs and anti-KLH Abs were quantified by cytofluorimetry and ELISA, respectively. Levels for both kinds of Abs were compared to those (100% reactivity) of positive control animals, i.e. those immunized with the Ag and treated with noncoding Add1324 adenoviruses.