Table I.

Effect of Z-VAD-fmk on the BCR-induced disruption of the mitochondrial function and plasma membrane integrity in BL60 cellsa

Z-VADAnti-IgM AbsLoss of Δψm (% apoptotic cells)PS Exposure (% apoptotic cells)
39.4 ± 1.331 ± 2.3
+91.2 ± 084.3 ± 0.4
+41.3 ± 0.927.5 ± 0.6
++88.5 ± 1.746.5 ± 0.6
  • a BL60 cells were cultured for 24 h with or without immobilized anti-IgM Abs, in the presence of the broad-range caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-fmk (200 μM) or the equivalent dilution of DMSO. Both PS exposure and Δψm were monitored at the end of the culture using annexin V binding and DiOC6 staining, respectively. Data are expressed as means ± SD percent apoptotic cells (DiOC6low or annexin+) from duplicate determinations. The numbers in parentheses indicate the percent-specific apoptosis calculated from the percent apoptotic cells values estimated in the two apoptosis assays. The data are representative of three experiments.